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Welcome to Tonica Elektronik A/S

Tonica specializes in the development and production of medical equipment. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop world-class products within in a number various segments. Our customers are typically medium-sized companies with independent market access. Therefore we happily leave marketing and application knowledge-building to them. Instead, we focus on our 3 core competencies: development, production and quality assurance.

What Can We Do For You?
By choosing Tonica as your supplier you will get a partner with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry such as requirements associated with CE labelling, FDA registration and factory inspections. Our specialists within software development, electronics/transducer design and mechanical construction have in other words, all the necessary skills to build complete solutions and equipment and provide added value to your company. We are audited annually by DGM (Danish Medical Devices Certification) and certified markers of our CE equipment.

Fixed Prices For Development Projects
We work from the principle: No cure no pay. This means that we only take on projects which we know we can solve. Results and project financing go hand in hand which minimizes your risk. If you have a project proposal in which we can see a future we will be happy to provide a fixed price which will include both development and manufacturing. This way you know your costs and can evaluate whether the project investment and subsequent purchase price make the project an attractive one. All the information which Tonica gains privileged access to is covered by NDA’s, and all rights to the finished product are the property of the customer.  

A complete solution
Following successful product development, we are happy to provide manufacturing services. We can offer drop shipping to any global location. We can also perform testing and quality assurance and even package the product in your corporate packaging. This will both reduce your inventory capital tie up and ensure you the best possible delivery time. We deliver complete plug-and-play solutions.


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Product Design
Preliminary Designs, Models, User Interface.
Software Design
Embedded Software, DSP-Code, User Interface.
Electronics Design
DSP Technology, FPGA, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Compact PCI, Embedded PC Systems, PCB Layout, OrCAD and ECAD.
Mechanical Design
Technical Drawings, Plastic Components, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Electrical Moulding Processes, PUR-Moulded Components.
Patent Conflicts, Literature Studies, Project Management, CE Marking, Production Documentation.