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Tonica’s modern production facilities are fitted out to ESD standards.

We can assemble and test all types of electronics, though we work primarily with medical sector appliances.

We have outsourced HMT and SMT circuit board printing to Danish and international partner organizations.

We have our own in-house mechanical design department which can optimize the PCB assembly process in close cooperation with the production staff.

We have extended our burn-in and final testing facilities, where we provide box build assembly ready to supply directly to the end customer.

Being medical sector specialists, we have ensured that we have all the necessary regulatory approvals (ISO9001, EN13485, CE marking responsible, FDA approvals).

We use Navision as our MPS system. This allows us to effectively manage 3500 product numbers and ensure that agreed delivery times are met.

As our entire production concept is built around an ethos of flexibility no batch is too small and none too large.

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Product Design
Preliminary Designs, Models, User Interface.
Software Design
Embedded Software, DSP-Code, User Interface.
Electronics Design
DSP Technology, FPGA, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Compact PCI, Embedded PC Systems, PCB Layout, OrCAD and ECAD.
Mechanical Design
Technical Drawings, Plastic Components, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Electrical Moulding Processes, PUR-Moulded Components.
Patent Conflicts, Literature Studies, Project Management, CE Marking, Production Documentation.