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Mechanical Development

We use the SolidWorks development tool for designing, constructing and preparing drawings during mechanical development.

Several of our suppliers use the SolidWorks files directly in their production processes.

As our customer you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of sheet metal, laminate, moulded aluminium parts, vacuum-formed plastic parts, turned and milled plastic parts and cables of all types.

To ensure rapid prototype construction we use production methods such as SLA, which give optimal design freedom during construction.

We also have an extensive knowledge of cooling system design.

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Product Design
Preliminary Designs, Models, User Interface.
Software Design
Embedded Software, DSP-Code, User Interface.
Electronics Design
DSP Technology, FPGA, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Compact PCI, Embedded PC Systems, PCB Layout, OrCAD and ECAD.
Mechanical Design
Technical Drawings, Plastic Components, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Electrical Moulding Processes, PUR-Moulded Components.
Patent Conflicts, Literature Studies, Project Management, CE Marking, Production Documentation.